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Tank cooling and Peltier devices

> Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 14:55:03 -1000
> From: "Barry" <barry_mitchell at hotmail_com>
> Subject: Re: Tank cooling
> I've put a little thought into tank cooling recently, but I don't have any
> finished designs.
> I've come up with three possible methods.

> The third method would be to go to radio shack and get some thermoelectric
> modules, heat sinks and an appropriate transformer to run them.  These are
> solid state cooling devices used in electric coolers and temperature
> sensitive electronics.  They could be glued directly onto the back of the
> tank, but this would create cool spots.  It would be better to glue them
> onto a sump.  To find out more about thermoelectric devices, visit
> www.howstuffworks.com and search 'electric coolers'.

	I really like the idea of mounting a Peltier device on the tank glass. Do 
you have any "off the cuff" ideas on the surface area that would be needed?
Do you think the glass between the the water and the device has sufficient 
heat conducting properties for this to actually work? IMHO, it would seem 
that cool spots would not be a problem if the area being cooled has the 
discharge from a power head or filter outlet pointed at it.