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RE:straw again

>For Barr; the mysterious chemical info:   "These humic substances occur
>naturally in many waters and it has been shown that, when sunlight shines
>onto water which contains dissolved oxygen, in the presence of humic
>substances, hydrogen peroxide is formed. Low levels of peroxide are known
>to inhibit the growth of algae and experiments have shown that sustained
>low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can have a very similar effect on
>algae to that of straw. " http://www.floridadriftwood.com/straw.html
>I've replaced the filter medium with Barley straw for my "experiment".

I read the article. It appears that the H2O2 method with an IV dripper may
work and be cheaper/easier to **try** out at least. What level would we
start at now then? 1 drop every 10 seconds of 3% solution for a 100 gallon
tank? Since it kills mainly new algae growth would not a UV sterilizer do
the same thing essentially? 
This method is great for a pond and large applications but what about our
tanks? Adding H2O2 to a pond all the time is nutty/impractical, but the
cheap straw method is not. Adding straw to our tanks can present issues, but
the H2O2 much less so. Comments?
Tom Barr