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>For Barr; the mysterious chemical info:   "These humic substances occur
>naturally in many waters and it has been shown that, when sunlight shines
>onto water which contains dissolved oxygen, in the presence of humic
>substances, hydrogen peroxide is formed. Low levels of peroxide are known
>to inhibit the growth of algae and experiments have shown that sustained
>low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can have a very similar effect on
>algae to that of straw. " http://www.floridadriftwood.com/straw.html

H. peroxide turns into O2 if you add it to water so higher DO levels may be
the reason?
Amano adds O2 at night to some of his tanks for added respiration helping
the plants and fish. It likely helps kill the algae too. I have been
thinking about adding O2 gas to my experimental tank by means of a beetle
30. Cost some more $ but may be worth it to play with. I like it better than
straw and would it not do the same thing and the O2 gas may be even better?
In a well run tank I have very high DO levels but keeping them way up all
night also may help more than we think. For a pond the straw would be better
for obvious reasons. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Could we add a IV drip
of H2O2 to our tanks and get the same effect?
Tom Barr