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Re: potassium chloride

I'm assuming you've mistaken a " 1 " (one) for an " l " ("el") here, in
which case you're talking about potassium chloride.

Well on my computer a "1" and an "l" look identical! Darn computer...

> What form of K is it?

Just as usable as potassium nitrate, but not as handy - the anion is
chloride, which will basically raise the conductivity of the water while
increasing the osmotic differential. At least with nitrate you get a useful
secondary ion.

> And I presume its OK in an aquarium?

For the most part, but it depends on your use of it for long-term

I use it as a component of my Rift salt mixes, for which it's great.

If you're using it as a potassium supplement for plants, there's this to
consider: if the cation is being consumed, what's happening to the remaining
portion? And what's being done to restore the ionic balance of the water?

Thank you for the numerous private responses. According to one person, there
are several people in this forum that use this, but let me pose this
question, what would you think of a liquid product made for the aquarium as
a K fertilizer that uses this derititive? I am told that water changes would
remove any build up of Chloride, and I have seen Murate of Potash, (same as
KCl, right?)  in several aquarium fertilizer products, one of Tetras
products for example.

Robert Paul H