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>>Anyone else tried using barely straw to reduce algae?

Bob writes:
>Unfortunately, Steve, the barley straw trick reequires bright sunlight to 
>break the humics from the straw down into algicidal by-products.  We didn't 
>get that piece of the puzzle until a couple days ago.

So we could isolate/concentrate the chemical by putting the mix of Barley
and water outside in sunlight in a tub? Or does the chemical(s) break down
too fast, evaporate etc? Would adding UV light at a low level do the
breaking down for us perhaps? What specific chemicals were they mentioning?
Inquiring minds want to know.

Also would adding a UV to the set up break the bonds since the humic I would
assume leach out slowly into the water and these humics would pass through a
UV sterilizer thereby breaking the bonds like sunlight might? What component
of sunlight does this breaking also?
Tom Barr