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Free Floating Algae & UV Sterilizers

I have had a constant nagging problem with free floating algae in a 125
gallon aquarium that I am having an almost impossible time in getting
rid of it. I've gotten to the point of giving a UV sterilizer a try as I
have a few spare bucks available and it has been recommended that I give
it a try by a couple of people in the past.

I have been looking at getting a Lifegard 8 Watt UV Sterilizer (canister
application). From what I read it has a desired flow rate of 240 g.p.h.
I am currently running an Eheim 2280 canister filter with a designed
flow rate of 275 g.p.h. in a 125 gallon tank. Since I am only concerned
with eradicating the free floating algae and not nuking every germ in
the world, would the 8 Watt Lifegard setup be ok or would I have to go
with a 25 watt unit?

Any recommendations, feedback, or related experience would be
appreciated. Thank you.


afishy at gateway_net