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Theft of intellectual property

Hello all,
Sorry to bug you all but I am a bit pissed at the moment!

A couple months ago, a Mr. Eric Lueng contacted me regarding use of one
of my articles that is posted on a number of sites on the internet for
use on his site, E-Aquaria.com.
    Specifically, the article "Keeping a Breeding Sturisomatichthys
leightoni".  I did not give my permission to use the article or any
accompanying photographs.
    Despite this, a couple weeks ago, I visited the site, and found my
article in it's entirety on the site along with one of my original
photographs (that was clearing indicated as belonging to me on all
hosting sites) posted with the article.  The photograph either had the
copyright information cropped off, or omitted depending on which site he
downloaded the image from!  Needless to say, I am damn ticked off about
this whole incident.
    So, in respect to basic intellectual property rights I ask all that
read this to please pass this along to all other individuals in the
hobby and to refrain from visiting this site.
    I would also like to ask all webmasters to delete any links to this
site from their webpages.

Thank you,
Paul E. Turley

Paul E. Turley

"Anything you say can and will be used against you in the greatest
possible misinterpretation."