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cyanobacteria, dissolved organic phosphorous

    From: zchryk at aol_com

    Thank you so much to all of the contributors to this list.  
    And specifically, thank you Roger Miller for the 'phosphorous and 
phosphorous control' postings.
    In those, it's stated that dissolved organic phos. is unused by higher 
plants but may be used by some algae- (paraphrased).  Do we know if 
cyanobacteria or any of the common aquarium algae are able to?  
    If so, might this help to explain the variation of 'phosphate' levels at 
which people succeed, or don't, in controlling algae?- don't most phosphate 
test kits measure inorganic phos. (po4 ?) and exclude organic phos. (po3 ?)?  
If so, then the levels most commonly referred to would then be telling only 
part of the story.
    I've studied every thread I can think of, and many I hadn't thought of, 
and couldn't find the answer to this question.  I'd sure appreciate any help.
    Thank you much,
    zach k