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RE:High Phosphates

......Today I got a phosphate test kit and was amazed when my tank
+10ppm.....What is a normal or acceptable phosphate level?  On the other
had my algae
hasn't been to bad and the plants are growing well.  Should I even worry

about it?

Unlike nitrates, I haven't seen an upper limit on phosphates where it
starts to stress the fish and plants.   IMHO, If your tank isn't being
overrrun by algae, that's all that matters.

BTW, whats your nitrate level and lighting.

BTW2 - I realize this isn't likely but I will mention that the PO3 test
can be skewed high  if the test tube was contaminated by soapy water or
fingers.   If I get a suspect high reading, I usually run a test on RO
water or other known "zero" PO3 source

Outside rounding up cows today  for auction in the 308 degree Kelvin