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RE: Kelvin Creep...

Ken Brook wonders about the Kelvin temperature of his lights....

> I assume the combination of the 8,500K and 6,500K is to try to optimise
> viewing potential of the fishes and maximize photosynthesis.

The only thing that the manufacturers you mention are trying to optimize is
their own profitability. Those tubes are _expensive_ compared to say a GE
Sunshine bulb, one which a lot of people use with great success.

> So what's natural - what's optimal ? Can we improve on nature by
> increasing the Kelvin to 8,500 ? Is this too blue ? Do we have Kelvin
> creep here?

Within reason, provided that you throw enough light on them, the plants
don't really seem to care what the color temperature is. It is your eyes
that these bulbs are trying to please, not the plants. Stop believing the
advertizing copy.

James Purchase