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Cooling a tank

> Question: Does anybody has tips to cool tanks? The
> moesson has started and the temperature of my tank has
> reached 31 degrees C.( Don't want to see my efforts
> cooked) I don't want to use a blower on the water surface
> (outgassing). I have no idea, I come from Belgium and
> there is never any need to cool tanks ( instead, heating
> them 10-12 months a year)

I have two small tanks, a 3 gallon and a 6 gallon, but my solution may work 
for bigger tanks too - I float a small sealed plastic bag filled with ice 
cubes in front of the filter outlet until they melt, and keep doing it until 
the temperature has dropped from say 84 degrees (29 C) to about 74 degrees (26 
C) (usually twice for the 6 gallon tank.  I have read that you are meant to 
avoid sudden temperature changes, but my guppies love it - they swim right 
next to the bag.  I also don't worry too much about the water temperature when 
changing water, so long as it is room temperature, but this can also be 10 
degrees F different to the temperature in the tank.  Again, the guppies love 
it, and swim in the water being added (surfing guppies!)

The plants don't seem to mind either.  Or is it just beginner's luck!