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Re: PMDD Trouble

Scott writes:

> My first attempt with PMDD has been less than a success.  After using 1.0 ml
>  daily for about 2 weeks I purchased a Lamotte Nitrate test kit (has fresh
>  reagents) and found that Nitrate Nitrogen was barely detectable (less than
>  0.25 ppm NO3-N).  So a began adding larger amounts of PMDD to try to get 
>  NO3-N up to about 1.0 ppm (or 4.4 ppm NO3).  Well, I did increase the
>  Nitrate but never even reached 0.5 NO3-N.  I stopped adding any more PMDD
>  because the fish became obviously stressed, stopped eating and swimming and
>  the most sensitive fish (baby Kribs) began floating upside down.<snip>>

Well, for starters, if you have a fairly heavily planted tank, the nitrates 
are going to be absorbed by the plants.  Nitrogen is a MACRO-nutrient, which 
means they use bunches of it.  My planted tank remains at 0ppm nitrate, 
because the fish waste is absorbed as ammonia or nitrite.  That's the biggest 
reason I started into the plant thing, was to keep nitrates down.  Try 
tracking a micronutrient like iron.

Bob DIxon