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clay balls

Subject: baking clay balls

i don't think it's necessary to bake the clasy balls depending on they type 
of clay you use i guess.. because I use a type of art clay which is meant 
for 'air dry' and doesn't need to be baked..
i embed some fertilizer into the clay balls and add to the substrate.. works 
like a charm.. my dwarf saggiterria's are normally  3 ~ 5 inches tall but 
then ones with a clay ball under it they're around 4 ~  6" tall...

here's the rest of his message..
i'm not too sure if baking the clay balls would wreck the fertilizer?!
let me know..

A few days ago someone wrote about baking soil.  The benefits being that it
would be sterile.  Is it also necessary to bake clay balls or can you just 
the clay dry up.  Does it help the ball hardern more if it is cooked? I'm
looking to make some this weekend.

Does baking destroy any of the chemicals that we want the plants to have.

Initially I had some trouble getting the clay to stay in a ball.  Anyone 
have a
good "recipe"

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