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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #365

on 01:48 PM 6/24/00 , Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

>I'm probably a little more worried than most about the nasties in my 
>aquarium.  I recently bought the coralife gloves but they were too big for 
>my hand and I could not trim plants well.  In fact the fingers were so big 
>they would not fit through the handles of the trimming tools I use.
>Does anyone have any good suggestions for aquarium gloves?

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals makes shoulder-length "Aquatic Gloves". I bought a 
12-pack a while ago from Pet Warehouse. They're like your typical food 
service disposable gloves, but longer. I use one on occasion and they work 
fine; they're very thin, so I would think trimming tools wouldn't be a 
problem. (Normally I just plunge my hands in naked and use my fingernails 
as the only trimming tool, but occasionally I have an allergic reaction, or 
have a scratch or cut I want to protect.)

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