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Wallys world

Wow - - this is impressive.  My local WalMart doesn't even have the (all of
9) tanks labelled.  You have to know (or guess) what's in there.  On a good
day, sometimes there will be a price sticker, but I've never seen any better
than that.


Derek Johnson wrote:
Wallys world is just like any other LFS, you have to
take them on a store-by-store basis.  I have a local
wal-mart here that runs about par for a LFS as far as
fish quality, and tank cleanliness go.  They even have
little "care tip" cards up with advice like: water
changes, avoiding overstocking (they even state that
the fish does NOT "grow to the size of the tank", and
that the adult size of the fish should be considered),
reminding people to dechlorinate, and even
reccomending the use of plants (they don't carry any,
though).  Sure, you can't get the advice that I've
seen at some of the other (and very good) LFS's here,
but at least it isn't a complete disaster.