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daylight for plants

My little 3.5 gal. windowsill tank is still very experimental, but I have it
in a north window.  In this tank, daylight is not supplementing artificial
light; it is the ONLY source of light.  It has no heating either.  It has
been set up only for a week or so, and has a couple of crypts and a
madagascar lace plant.  I used a laterite and gravel substrate.  I put a
small piece of Jobe's under the biggest crypt.  In the week that it's been
up, the madagascar lace plant has grown a new leaf, and both crypts have
small new leaves.  No algae (yet).  The killifish seem quite happy there.


Pat O'Sullivan wrote:
Say, has anyone ever tried using daylight from a nearby window to
supplement a difficult low light situation.