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Re: Fluoride

>G. Kadar pointed out some time back that high fluoride doses can come
>swallowing fluoridated tooth paste.  If you know of anyone who has a
>fluorosis problem then I suspect that is it's cause.  You're probably
>likely to know people who have dental problems because they grew up
>without fluoridated water.
>Roger Miller

I do remember very well the discussion of whether to fluoride-_adjust_
our drinking water here in Denmark or whether not to, being a
dentist-student at the time. The wantet level was 1 ppm. That level was
supposed to be safe and to cause no dental fluorosis. Our professor in
cariology had written theee book on the subject and later became a
director at WHO. The plan was rejected because of severe opposition and
later it was proved  that even
0.5 ppm could cause severe dental fluorosis. This finding was as far as
I know never published and remains to day unknown to most people.
Fluoride is a enzymatic
toxid, blocks some enzymatic processes. As far as i remember especially
processes needing Fe to be able to "run".
And I do _not_ think i dissapears/evapourates from water standing for
some time - as some wrote in this digest.

Mvh, Ole
oletan at worldonline_dk
Thanks to Jörg Haider and Austria for exposing EU fascism and hypocrisy