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Re: Outdoor plant tank

Sylvia wrote:

| I'm wondering what's killing off all my pennywort.  I had a tankful and
| decided to keep it outside temporarily. I haven't paid a lot of attention
| it, just added water occasionally and just today noticed it's a small
| fraction, in quantity, of what I had just 2 weeks ago. Leaves have melted
| fallen apart and the stems disintegrated. I recall some discussion about
| algaecides used in hosing material, and wonder if this could be the cause.
| used fresh water from the hose, rather than tank water because of some
| growth which I didn't want to encourage. Another possibility is extreme
| temperature changes? I didn't think it was a particularly sensitive plant.

Hi again Sylvia,

How cool or warm is it in your outdoor tank? I have pennywort growing in a
floating basket in my watergarden and it did great last summer and this
summer, but died back and shrunk during the winter when I had it in an
unheated watergarden. Maybe it is a tropical and really needs to be in very
warm water. I have it with no soil, just the roots enclosed in a floating
plastic basket and it's flourishing. I have added liquid fertilizer with
potash and iron to the water because of the water hyacinths and all my
floating plants are doing great and I have no floating green water algae.
The water temp in the watergarden is about 80 degrees F. Only the roots of
the pennywort are submerged. The air temps range from 60's-70's at night and
100-110's daytime. It gets full sun in the morning.

You may be right about the temperature fluctuations. When I had the
pennywort in the unheated watergarden in the winter, I think the temperature
probably fluctuated quite a bit in there because it was a smaller volume of
water and the sun would shine on it during the mornings.

Hope this helps!

Watergardening in the Desert!