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Re: Peat

Back when Amano's stuff was being sold by ADA, peat was listed as one of the 
ingredients in his "power sand" substrate.  I used a little of it in my 55 
gallon tank because it is purported to have some chemicals that will help 
make minerals in clay available to plants.  I'm only talking a few fistfuls 
tossed into two inches of substrate.  If you don't mind soft water, it isn't 
dangerous at low levels.  The tank has been going for a year and a half, and 
I don't see any problems, except small gobs of black stuff do appear on 
occassion when I uproot a plant.  It washes off, and it is only because of 
this thread that I have begun to think it might be from the peat.  At any 
rate, I'm not rushing off to rip the tank down.

Back in the late 70's I had a 55 gallon tank with sub-gravel peat plates 
across the entire left half.  I had great plant growth on that side, and 
couldn't get anything to grow at all on the right side.  Again, being young 
and slow-witted, I didn't even think about the peat being the cause of my 
good luck on the left side.  I put it in there to make the water dark for my 
angels and Apistos.  It was like that two years and I never had a probalem 
with the tank.

Bob Dixon