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Re: "H" and the Peat solution

Robert H wrote:

>Roger, what does boiling the peat do? I never boiled mine, and didnt do
>anything to the peat plates. I wouldnt call your mix a heavy amount of peat,
>or even Neils doesnt seem like a HUGE amount to me.

I believe boiling the peat may make it more hydrophilic.  I've always used
Scott's Pro-grow Professional Potting Mix [I think its an approx 50/50
blend of verniculite and peat] that does the job w/o any work.  If you mix
your bottom layer of peat with sand, there is less of a tendency to foul
the water when uprooting.  Peat is a LOT better in that regard compared to

Diana Wastad's Ecology of a Planted Aquarium Book
http://www.floridadriftwood.com/alecologyplantedaquariumbook.html seems to
support the hypothesis that decaying peat not only provides your aquarium
w/ Co2 but also releases algae retarding chemicals overtime.  I
consistently noted how I have not had a green water problem in my
predominantly peat / vermiculite substrates snce I've been setting them up.

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