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Re: Snails

Original and reply:

>  >No snail (pond,MTS, Ramshorn)has ever eaten any of my plants and I
have had
>  >many a species(200 +). If you suspect they are eating your plants,
>  >elsewhere. Your plants are rotting or half dead already if the
snails are
>  >eating them.

>I watched a Coumbian ramshorn chew through the base of an Amazon sword
>It was the third one to come off.  So it happens.

Just as with the many misnamed plants and fish we have all seen and
kept, snails suffer from mis-applied common names.  The so-called
"Colombian Ramshorn" is not a ramshorn at all, it it the only known flat
spiraled Apple Snail, and like all its known cousins save one, it is an
avid plant eater.  The much smaller brown to red to white "true"
ramshorn does not eat live healthy plants.