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Kent vs. the thread algae

What is the latin name for 'bushy nose pleco''? Could this be an
Ancistrus.?English popular names aren't easy for foreigners ( they cannot be
found in normal dictionairies). There seem to be 54 species of Ancistrus.
Would they all do the job?

I have got an small dotted ancistrus in our 120 gallon with a white edge at
his tail since about 2 months. He grows fantastically and is very
enthousiastically grazing several algae. I have heard that some Ancistrus
when getting bigger have a go at some plants, but that doesn't bother me too
much: We have six clown botias who have their own opinion of a nice planted

Since last week both the thread and hair algae (who were not a real plague,
but needed to be removed twice a week to make the tank look fine) have
suddenly almost dissappeared. It is a pity that this coincides with a better
filtering (we shortened the tubes that before were a bit bended and twisted
about two weeks ago) and a new light tube. By the way, last week we had
tropical temperatures in the Netherlands (maybe some bacteria benefitted
from it and dealt with the algae???).
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Sietske Tol from the Netherlands
> Kent wrote:
> ,<snip>
I've also found the bushy nose pleco is the only fish that seems to go
> after that green "suade" pasty algae that smothers everything.  Missing
> nutrients also encourages tis algae.  Unfortunately, they are VERY
> vulnerable to ANY aquarium change and will likely die if you attempt a
> significant water change.