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Re: Flouride

I'm not sure flouride will harden eggs. It is toxic though, and can cause 
numerous health problems in humans, and I would suppose fish as well. There 
is an ongoing crusade in some towns to petition and get their local 
municipalities to stop flouridating the water. I recall many years ago some 
European country began flouridating water and when they noticed deleterious 
effects on the health of the population they discontinued it.

I use a solid carbon block filter (for drinking & fish tank use) that 
supposedly removes many tap water pollutants. For a while they sold a filter 
which was capable of removing flouride also, but discontinued it pending 
further research.

Otherwise any RO unit or deionizing unit would remove it, I would think.


>  learned last week my water is floridated. Then I read here that 
> does harden eggs.
>  Floridation hardening eggs. That answers a lot of questions as to why some 
> of my spawns never hatch. 
>  How do you remove the floride from tap water. Does 
>  anyone know if this also weakens fish possibly causing 
>  dropsy or fry death.