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MTS- Size really does matter....

Not to prolong the great snail debate but I am curious how large MTS's can get.

In my old cichlid tanks (gravel/slate) they were very small.  Once I set up a
planted tank, they initially had plenty of casualties to munch on.  To date,
they appear to be on steroids and I have several that are actually an inch
long. (Yeah, I do have a life and I don't sit around measuring snails all day)
 But I am curious how large they get.  I had no idea they would get this big. 
I must really stink at plants he, he....  So I guess maybe the answer is ....
a plant keepers success can be measured by the size of the MTS in their tank. 
OOPS, did I say 1 inch snails, I meant uh, uh.....

BTW, I have one good sized ramshorn and gobs of MTS and even a few pond
snails.  They all seem to play nicely and I like them. I haven't noticed any
damage from them.   All my plant problems seem to stem from the 2 legged
critters in our house!  (namely, me.)