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Re: Re: Snails

Sylvia wrote:

| OTOH, I have these 2 X-large large snails, and it's obvious they grew up
| no one's tank. I have no idea what type they are (they wound up at a
| Walmart), but inherited them from a neighbor. I fished them out of a
| tank when I became wary of parasites a few days ago, but don't know what
| do with them. Put in a sparsely planted betta tank, they decimated the
| in there in less than 24 hours. They have these *feeler* type things that
| emerge from their shell and probably extend out a good 6-8 inches. They
| not handy for a plant tank in the least, and I can find no purpose for
| existence in any of my tanks, but don't know what to do with them. They
| somewhere between the size of a golf & tennis ball.

Sylvia, they sound like my large snail that is in my outdoor watergarden. I
just saw a similar size snail at LFS labeled an apple snail and selling for
$12 ea.  I had bought a bunch of Japanese trapdoor snails and a bunch of
Golden/brown snails previously and only this one grew this large. I don't
know which bunch he was in, but he is a great addition to the watergarden.
He may be causing some damage to some plants, but in a watergarden it is
minimal and he is great fun to watch cruising across the bottom. He's much
faster and more active than the other smaller snails. I would love to have a
couple more, so if you don't want to keep them, I could provide a good home
in my watergardens and would reimburse you for postage to send them. You
could also check with your LFS to see if they would take them in trade.

Watergardening/Ponding in the Desert!

PS: I'm new to this list so I'm assuming LFS means 'local fish store'.  Am I