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Re: 3 Questions - subsoil, CO2 cannister, and surface extractor

Lily Brown <cryptocornye at yahoo_com> wrote:

> 3. Is the ehiem surface extractor easy to set up.  Can
> you use it for a weekend for instance and then take it
> down or does it work best when used continually. 

I can answer part of this question. I don't have a Eheim surface extractor
but a DIY version that works on the same basic principles. I don't know
if the Eheim device is easy to install/take down, I suspect the syphon must 
be broken every time you do that. My comment regards the continuous vs. 
intermitent use. IME if your tank is prone to develop surface scum, you must 
leave the extractor running continuously. Otherwise it takes just a few 
minutes for the film to build up when you shut the extractor off. See the 
article at http://www.thekrib.com/Filters/Busko/ for a discussion of surface 

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD