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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #360

on 01:48 AM 6/22/00 , Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

>Okay you bunch of snail bashers/smashers/crushers<g>.
>No snail (pond,MTS, Ramshorn)has ever eaten any of my plants and I have had
>many a species(200 +). If you suspect they are eating your plants, check
>elsewhere. Your plants are rotting or half dead already if the snails are
>eating them.

200 species of snails or plants? :)

I agree. My snails only eat dead or dying leaves (and they're very good at 
that.) The only reason I've ever removed them is to prevent one type of 
snails from out-competing the others. Pond snails seem to have the 
advantage in new tanks, so I remove the biggest ones and add more MTSs and 
ramshorns. I seem to have stable populations of all three in my new tank. 
In the old tank, however, the MTSs vastly outnumber the others (not really 
a bad thing.)

SAEs have, by far, done more damage to my plants than snails ever have.

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