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Re: subsoil

I personally would bake or boil.

I recently set up a small plant-only tank with some playsand that had been 
outside. A short time (within 2 weeks?) I began seeing little wormlike things 
crawling around on the plants.

(On top of recent worm sightings, I couldn't tolerate any more. I ripped it 
apart, boiled the sand, cleaned the tank, and did a light bleaching on the 

Perhaps this would not be a problem to some others, just my personal opinion.


>  We have 3 questions.   
>  1.  Is the subsoil safe to apply directly to the tank
>  or does it need to be baked in the oven first.  How do
>  you make sure it doesn't have any nemotodes, etc. that
>  could be nasty.  I used to bake terrarium soil.  But
>  this would be a much larger quantity.