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Re: Black water tank (was: Just moved...)

Derek writes:

<snip>> Now, for the kicker - I'd like to set up a 20 gallon
>  _blackwater_ tank.  Any ideas how to get my water
>  there?  Would just diluting it with DI water from the
>  store, then using peat and driftwood for coloration
>  work?  Has anyone used any of the blackwater additives
>  with any success, or would peat by itself be good?  
>  Not as many plants in this tank, mainly scattered
>  crypts and other low-lighters would be all I'd go for.

Depending on how hard your tap water is, the peat alone may be enough to push 
it to blackwater conditions.  If your water is harder, then by all means, 
dilute if you want to get there quicker.  I've used some of the tonics, and 
they work okay.  It seems to take a lot of it to get the results you want, 
though.  Peat may be slower, but IMHO it produces conditions closer to actual 
rainforest water than the tonics, and it costs less.  You can have water in a 
bucket soaking with peat to use for water changes.

Bob Dixon