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Re: botias harrassing corydoras

Yes, my botias sidthimunkis ('dwarf botia') harrassed most of my other fish
in the 120 gallon tank. The corydoras were amongst the pestered ones.
Also I have seen botia morleti ('skunk botia') harrass corydoras (I saw this
at my LFS).
My 6 clown botias leave the corydoras in peace. Better still: after I got a
school of 12 corydoras arcuatus, my smallest, very shy clown found the
courage to come and swim in the open, along with the other 5 clowns.

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Sietske Tol from the Netherlands

> Has anyone ever heard/seen that loaches tend to harass corydoras?  I had a
> conversation about this with someone at our last PVAS meeting.
> Alysoun McLaughlin
> Wheaton, MD