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re: snails damaging plants

Several times I have had snails coming with new plants (eggs that hatched)
and within two weeks after purchase of the plants started to eat from some
of my softer leaved plants. The damage was done, before my clown botias got
rid of them... Luckily the clowns do a real good job, so after the initial
damage by the snails no further damage occurred. By the way, after some of
these experiences I went on quarantaining new plants for some weeks before
introducing them to my large tank.

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Sietske Tol from the Netherlands

, 20 Jun 2000 09:27:35 -0400
> One night, I investigated and found a swarm of baby MTS around the surface
> rim and around the tops of plants.  I observed no direct feeding on the
> plants by the snails, but by morning the swarm had disappeared and there
> was additional leaf damage.  Keep in mind I don't ever feed the fish.
> Just when I was about to whip out the loach, this all STOPPED as suddenly
> as it began!  No more leaf damage and no more Baby MTS's swarming.  Now,
> MTS are integral to my aquariums' ecosystems and I have never before
> observed anything like this so I'm reluctant to draw a hasty conclusion.
> thought I'd throw this one out to see if anyone has observed this phenom.
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