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Re: rubbermaid garbage cans?

>     I mix my RO water 50/50 with my really hard and slightly alkaline well
>water to get the parameters I posted, with CO2 injected at 1 bubble every 3
>seconds, which gives me a calculated CO2 of about 17ppm. I've double
>all my measurements and tests, and everything seems to be as it should.

Could it be your well water?  Wells can develop bacterial blooms and leach
stuff like copper, lead and zinc (which I think come from the well head).
From what I've read some fish would be more susceptible than others.  If
this is the problem, it could eventually affect you, too.  Can you remove
the well water from the equation?  You could add calcium/magnesium tablets
from the drugstore to keep the same hardness.  Whatever you do it sounds
like you need to do it in a hurry.

Good luck.