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substrate iron II

Roger wrote:
> Last weekend I posted the following question:
> > Can anyone (in addition to Rhonda Wilson and Diana Walstad) report
> > long-term success in a planted tank without adding chelated iron to
> > either the water column or the substrate?  I'm particularly interested
> > in the performance of soil-based substrates, substrates with laterite,
> > or Flourite substrates in high growth rate tanks with bright light and
> > added CO2.  By "long-term" I mean at least two years.

I've had soil and or clay substrates going that long without chelated
iron additions and with vigorous growth. Growth has always been limited
by one of the following: N, Ca, K or CO2 (or potentially Mg). Vigorous
growth is not always desirable. Aesthetic considerations such as mess
factor would probably be the dominant consideration for experienced
experimenters. Only a tiny bit of clay would be necessary mixed into a
substrate IMHO to provide iron and manganese.

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