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RE Botias

>On my way to the SFBAAPS open house on Sun., I visited the two best (IMO)
>fish shops in SF, and was astonished to find a virtual absence of Botias --
>striped OR clown! [Well, there were some huge clowns that wouldn't fit.] 
>I have MTS eating all my pupfish eggs and really need help. Tom, you did us
>wrong by leaking the word! :^)

Sorry bout dat. Botia striata is the best IMO. Sometimes called the Queen
botia/loach. B. dario is effective also but somewhat less common and more
belligerent towards one another. B. striata's are very peaceful, playful,
social animals that stay very small which makes them prime candidates for a
plant tank. They also school and come out during the day more than the
clowns. Hard to catch though. 4-9$ each range.
Tom Barr