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RE:PO4 & NO3

>Whats the nitrate level? Phophate level?
>IME, If the nitrate is > 20 ppm and the phosphate > 1 ppm, adding iron
>and light makes a wonderful algae crop.

Where is  mine then? I have 20ppm+ on the NO3(just tested actually) and have
1.12ppm PO4.
Oh, and dump lots of TMG in there too. Fe to 1-2ppm. So where's my bumper
crop of algae?
I let the NO3 go down and the PO4 also but only about to 3-5ppm of NO3 and
about .4-.5 of PO4.
I have high light in these tanks and lower nutrient levels in lower lighting
I can't say that a certain level is bad of any nutrient. 

It's a balance, not a level. High PO4 are not a certain cause of algae nor
is high NO3.

A couple of SFBAAPS members came over a couple of days ago and can attest to
the water and the tank's conditions and the lack of algae. I also have
plenty of photo's of high PO4/Fe/No3 conditions tested with Hach/Lamott/ etc
test kits.
Tom Barr