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I am a new person to keeping planted tanks. I am confused between C. Becketii 
and C. Wendtii. I have another aquarium with very low light and 2 plants (of 
the same type) that I am sure are Crypts. Are they C. Wendtii or Becketii? 
The plants are very large, growing very densly and beutifully, and have dark 
green leaves with a little little little bit of a red color. These crypts are 
awesome considering they are under a single 24" cool white bulb in a 20 gal. 
tank. Many plant books I look at give no description or picture of C. 
Becketii and any pictures of C. wendtii appear to small to be the same plant 
I have. Does anybody know a website where I can see a picture of C. Becketii? 
Will both plants do well under low light. Which one grows bigger and more