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Re: Kitty litter substrate

I've also found that in my 55 gallon with almotst exclusively kitty litter 
that plant roots penetrate eagerly.  I have a friend with a 125 gallon all 
kitty litter substrate with 1.5 inches "gravel" on top.  He had to tear it 
down when he moved.  The plants had grown so well that the substrate was 
almost one large mass of roots!!!  I've noticed in my kitty litter substrates 
that the 'soil' is actually not very compact.  In fact it seems to be almost 
in a state of suspension.  It woldn't take much water flow to greatly disturb 
it.  However I also notice the roots on the side of the aquarium (looking 
through the glass) growing very well, especially with my Glosso which has 
rapidly grown through the 1.5 inch of "play sand" into the kitty litter.  
This glosso, from several 'sprigs' has grown into a virtual carpet in only 4 
months.  And I haven't added any CO2!!!  I love my kitty litter substrate!!!