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Plant deterioration

Plant deterioration

26 G, pH=7.6, nitrate=0, KH=3, GH=11, DIY CO2, light = 96 W, water changes =
15% @ 2 weeks, AquaClear 2 with 3 sponges.

1-White-spotted Doradid - Agamyxis pectinifrons
1-Hypostomus multiradiatus (Plecostomus)
2-Macropodus opercularis - Paradise Fish
4-Xiphophorus helleri - Swordtail
2-Chinese Algae Eater - Gyrimocheilos Anyonieri
2-Kuhlii loach
1-Neon tetra (sole survivor)
10-Caridina Japonica - Amano shrimp
Many-Malaysian Livebearing Trumpet Snails

Lobelia cardinalis - Cardinal Plant
Nymphoides aquaatica - Banana Plant
Cryptocoryne wendtii - Green Wendtii
Egaria Densa - Elodea or Anacharis
Bacopa caroliana

Plants bubbling and growing. All have been healthy until last week. Cardinal
Plant leaves are getting thin and now in holes. This condition is now
spreading to some of the Bacopa caroliana which, along with the Cardinal
Plant, is in the area of most water circulation. The rest of the plants and
fish seem healthy. I am reluctant to add iron or micronutrient since I'm
just getting over BBA and still have a good amount of green hair algae, but
if that's what it takes, I'll do it.
Any help, advise, or experience will be appreciated.
Ken Guyer
kguyer at zianet_com