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snails and algae

I know this topic has ocme up before and I have been reading the archives
and the krib for everyones information.  Ok the snails that have popped up
in my tank have grown up enough for me to be able to describe them.. I dont
know if this description will help but hoep somoene has a clue what sort
they are - they are still small.. prolly about 1cm in diameter and have
clear shells just about up to the spiral where it is dark brownish.  I don't
know what sort of snails they are (if they are good or bad) and if I should
get any clown loaches to kick there buts :o)

Also with the thread algae has taken a hold of my tank and I haven't been
dosing, feeding sparingly and water changing but now I need something that
eats it.  I have 2 large grown up siamese algae eaters but they seem to be
lazy, and 2 bristle nose catfish which only eat the slimy flat algae types..
will smaller SAEs much the thread algae or should i try some other sort of
fish (I heard some livebearers are good?). I'm nearly tempted to give up on
this tank because within the next week I will have a brand spanking new one
to setup... ahh well :o)

Jon Hammond
Perth, Western Australia