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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #352

On the subject of a windowsill planted tank, I have successfully
maintained a 45 gallon tank (in front of a large window) with Discus and
8 large echinodorus bleheri swords for a year and a half.  The swords
are about 20" high and very healthy.  the Discus pair have raised two
groups of fry.  The plants were potted in soil from a wooded area with a
layer of Flourite on the top of each pot.  DIY co2 is injected via a
power filter.  No artificial light has ever been used.  Algae has never
been a problem.  50% of the water is changed every 7-10 days.  TMG is
added with each water change.  This tank has been so sucessful that I
would use natural light in all of my tanks if I had enough windows.

Joe Hildreth