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re: Fish disease

Dropsy is  a symptom or a result, rather than a disease. It is
accumulation of fluid under the skin and often in the body cavity of the
fish. I have seen is as a result of sever over feeding, too much meds,
massive pH change ( I think, not sure about that one), the tail end of
undiagnosible disease, and for no apparent reason.  Kidney failure will
bring it on.  I have seen it go away, in one fish THREE times, but in
both cases I saw it disappear, the fish just got sicker and weaker and
more and more floaty-sinky and I both of them down.

I have heard of a few other ppl who had success in treating dropsy in

Dropsy per se is not contagious, but the disease, toxin, parasite or
whatever that brought on the dropsy might affect your other fish.  At
this point, just be super vigilant in your fish watching and take
seriously any changes in appearance, behavior or appetite.

Date: Fri Jun 16 17:38:10 2000
From: DDyess at aol_com
Subject: Fish disease

Does anyone have any knowledge about the disease dropsy.
I'm not sure if it effects fish other than bettas?
Is there a treatment for a cure or prevention.