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loose tank frame...

I bought a used tank including the whole setup (canopy, heater, filter,
light, etc.) today at a garage sale.  I filled it completely with water and
let it sit outside on the patio for several hours, to see if it leaks, which
is does NOT.  I emptied it and noticed afterwards that the top plastic frame
was loose on three corners.  I decided I should probably loosen the fourth
corner as well, in order to fix it.  The frame came off cleanly, with some
effort on that fourth corner.  I am sure I could remove the silicone from
the edge of the glass, and re-silicone the plastic frame in place.
But...does the fact that the frame was loose, mean that potentially all the
other silicone in the tank is unreliable?  None of it seems brittle in any
way, but I have been able to pull/rub/cut off small pieces around the edge
of the glass where the frame was.

Is this a worthwile repair?  Or am I maybe getting into a can of worms
(sorry Sylvia, not REAL worms).  There is a sticker on the bottom of the
tank, from the manufacturer, dated 1994.