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Re: Tap Water Purifier

In a message dated 6/17/00 1:50:09 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

> With all the discussion about the tap water purifier, one question has not 
>  been answered. What is the actual capacity/lifetime of a filter cartridge 
>  this thing? They state 50-150 gallon capacity in Pets Warehouse catalog. 
>  in practice it only provides about 50 gallons deionized water, I'm better 
> off 
>  going to  Kmart and picking up a gallon of distilled water for $.49 to mix 
> up 
>  with my tap water for desired kh and gh.

It depends on the hardness/mineral content of your water.  I get to fill my 
45 gallon reserve tank twice, and make a couple pitchers of iced tea with one 
cartridge.  I usually have about 120ppm GH.  In February when the aquifer 
fills up, I can get three tanks, or about 135 gallons.  Hardness then is down 
to 50-60 ppm.

I have decided to buy two more TWPs and some rechargeable resins.  Then I can 
fill one used cannister with KATI, one with ANI, and the third with activated 
carbon.  I'm going to run them in series, first carbon, then KATI, then ANI.  
This way it will be cheaper over the long term, and I can buy it a little at 
a time, rather thn popping the big bucks all at once for a rechargeable DI 

Bob Dixon