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Re: which Jobe's?

> I found Jobe's plant food spikes at WalMart today.  But...I am wondering
> which ones are recommended or most often used for aquatic plants?  I found
> three formulations:
> 16-12-6 "for lush ferns & palms"

I'm guessing that either this is a typo, or you read it wrong.

The fern and palm is 16-2-6.

The biggest reason the fern and palm spikes are often recommended is
their lower phosphate (the middle number).   

I use the Palm and Fern.

> Also, how large a piece of the spike should I use per plant?

I break the spikes in half.   I normally put one piece at the
roots of a clump of plants.    For heavy root feeders like
amazon swords, I put two or three pieces at it's roots.

>  How often?

I do it every 4-5 weeks or so.

> And...do these spikes eventually disintegrate,

Yes, but very slowly.

> or do I need to dig them out
> at some point before adding the next one?

I don't intentionally dig them out, but occasionally, when pulling
up a plant with lots of roots, I expose an old piece.  I use a 
gravel-vac to remove as much of it as I can.

Chuck Gadd