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Clown Loaches, snail consumption and insanity

Can't say I have actually SEEN a clown loach eat a snail.  Can't say I
see much of the six clown loaches in my plant tank, now I think about
it, either.  Can't say I have seen ANY small snails in my tank since I
put the loaches in, although I still see the bigger ones here and
there.  I was taking out two dozen at time,several times a day if I
skipped a day or two and still seeing baby snails everyhwere. Major
infestation in there.

So I can safely say the loaches are eating the baby snails in large
numbers, out of sight somewhere. It is normal for loaches to hide, they
really seem to enjoy making you look for them or guess where they are. 
Mine aren't exactly nocternal, but they are still shy and rush to hide
under the driftwood and behind the back plants when they sense me
coming, then one or two will poke a nose out. 

Chances are the loaches are going to work after lights out and they
can't see you anymore.

With clown loaches, you never can tell, they may be teasing you.

Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 15:13:34 -0500
From: "Kenneth S. Bruno" <kbruno at bilbo_bio.purdue.edu>
Subject: Clown Loaches, snail consumption and insanity

Hi All,
    I have a 29 gallon planted tank with a bit of a snail problem.  I
heard before that clown loaches may actually eat the snails.  I like
loaches anyway so I bought a pair and put them in my tank.  They are
somewhat timid and they hide under my sole piece of driftwood alot.  I
on two occasions, after my lights shut off, heard a strange snapping
coming from the tank.  It just happens once and is not repeated or
continuous.  Am I going crazy?  Do clown loaches eat snails?  Do they
to feed at night?  Any insight into this would be appreciated.  I'd like
think they are eating snails, I don't want to do anything more drastic.
Thanks in advance.