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Re: Tap Water Purifier

Edward writes:

> Do you use RO/DI water straight out from its outlet??  Do you not
>  reconstitute the water by adding minerals back in before using??  Sounds
>  like you need a water softener.  The Kold Ster-il system is a water
>  purification which sorbs and restricts the following: Lead, Mercury,
>  Cadmium, Copper , Iron, Zinc, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC), tannins,
>  Proteins, Dissolved Organics, Chlorine, Pesticides/Insecticides, Metal
>  Particulates, Algae, Fungus, Giardia, Cryptospordium, and E. coli Bacteria.
>  Carbon can adsorb some of the above for sure, but not that extensively and
>  efficiently.  Also, RO/DI wastes a lot of water.  This system doesn't.  Use
>  some water softening resins in a pouch and put it in one of the system's
>  canisters if that suits you more.
>  Edward
>  www.marine-monsters.com

Okay, Ed, I recognize that Marine Monsters has a commercial investment in 
this product, and I'm sure it works every bit as well as a Brita at removing 
all that stuff.  However, the list of things your wondermachine "sorbs and 
restricts" does not include calcium or magnesium.  Therefore it is not a 
water softener, since these two +2 valence ions are what constitutes General 
Hardness.  Also, you don't list carbonates, which is what Carbonate Hardness 
(go figure) is all about.  And while it is true that RO wastes a lot of 
water(unless of course you redirect it to your lawn, your toilet, or 
whatever) DI doesn't waste any at all.  Yes, I reconstitute to the level of 
1บ GH and KH, then add Natural Gold for the plants, which brings conductivity 
up as far as I want it.  In my community tanks, however, I use it straight 
from the tap, and let the plants and some peat reduce the hardness to about 

Bob Dixon