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Re: Kitty litter substrate

On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, Heide Li wrote:
> Last week I tore down my 29-gallon tank which had a kitty litter
> bed (90% litter, maybe 10% sand) 2 inches deep, topped with 1 inch 
> of sand.  The tank was 3 years old and still doing great, though I 
> don't know if this qualifies as "long term".

It does in my book.

> (I tore it down to make room for a new 75 gal.)  When scooping out the
> substrate, there was just one small, dark grey, slightly
> rotten-smelling spot which had been directly under a piece of
> driftwood.

This seems to indicate that the organic mulm was never able to penetrate
the clay substrate.  The clay layer probably stayed pretty sterile.

> Plant roots never seemed to have a problem growing into the litter.

I'm a little surprised, because I've found that some plants won't even
put their roots through fine sand if they have a choice.

Roger Miller
who's pleased to *not* be talking about fish.