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Re: Tap Water Purifier

  >Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 18:57:12 EDT
  >From: IDMiamiBob at aol_com
  >Subject: Re: Tap Water Purifier
  >Edward writes:
  >>  When
  >>  you are in the market for a larger / more economical water
  >>  system, look into the Kold Ster-il.  It keeps all the
  >minerals in the water
  >>  which in my opinion, is much better than any RO/DI units out
  >there for both
  >>  potable and aquaristic use.
  >If it keeps the minerals IN the water, then what's the point?
  >If you're just
  >trying to get out the solvents, colorants, and other pollutants,
  >you can use
  >activated carbon in a box filter.  We use RO to remove the minerals,
  >including, and particularly, the Mg that Rich is complaining it
  >takes out.

Do you use RO/DI water straight out from its outlet??  Do you not
reconstitute the water by adding minerals back in before using??  Sounds
like you need a water softener.  The Kold Ster-il system is a water
purification which sorbs and restricts the following: Lead, Mercury,
Cadmium, Copper , Iron, Zinc, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC), tannins,
Proteins, Dissolved Organics, Chlorine, Pesticides/Insecticides, Metal
Particulates, Algae, Fungus, Giardia, Cryptospordium, and E. coli Bacteria.
Carbon can adsorb some of the above for sure, but not that extensively and
efficiently.  Also, RO/DI wastes a lot of water.  This system doesn't.  Use
some water softening resins in a pouch and put it in one of the system's
canisters if that suits you more.