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phosphate remover filter pad

I've about had it with DIY algae removal services . . . 

I've checked in archives, seen this asked before, but no responses . . . 
there is available at Pets Warehouse, TFP etc. a filter pad which removes 
phosphates, and  one with *red and hair algae inhibitor*. Since this horrible 
tufty stuff seems to like current, and winds up infesting in high-flow areas, 
maybe this would actually be useful. I'm just wondering if there's actually 
any benefit to it, or perhaps, negative consequences with its use. 

Does anyone have any experience with the red algae inhibitor? 

I've been thinking it would be more desirable to place easily 
replaceable/renewable plants near the outflow of this filter, as opposed to 
micranthemum micranthemoides.