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Re: Fish-O-Rama

I must have misunderstood, as indicated in an earlier post. I just don't get 
the process and the part that is *patented*. It appears to be just a brackish 
setup and saltwater and freshwater fish living out of normal conditions.



>  This is a store here in Delaware where I live.  When the owner of the store
>  called me I could not believe it either.  I knew he had been working on it
>  for a few years.  I thought it was just the workings of a mad scientist.  
>  I took up his offer and visited the store.  I could not believe my eyes.
>  There were multiple tanks containing freshwater and saltwater fish.  These
>  tanks have been running with ZERO fish loss for months.  He has the
>  processes used to obtain these results patented.  I may not agree with the
>  idea, but it is something to behold.
>  Andy
>  Plantman Aquatics